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Facebook opens for Indian Advertisers

Indian publishers and Indian advertisers, both get ready to benefit!
The much hyped and highly popular Facebook website has opened its ad inventory for the Indian Advertisers. The Facebook website has approximately 1.75 million strong user base of Indian users.

Till date, the ad inventory of Facebook was maintained by Microsoft’s US team. However, from now on, the MDAS company or the Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions is going to take control over the ad inventory of Facebook website. In India, the MDAS is partnered with NDTV Media, who are the one and only sales partner of MDAS in the Indian region. Hence, they will open the gates of Facebook to Indian advertisers.

It is claimed that Facebook is growing at the rate of 200 percent annually. The Facebook website has been ranked in top ten websites of India, based upon the popularity report.

It will be a big bonanza for the Indian advertisers to target the Indian audience through Facebook website, a site that is expected to grow leaps and bounds in the field of social networking. However, this site, along with orkut and others, have been blocked at many offices.
This may force the advertisers to think twice before going for advertising on Facebook. Things are improving in India as far as the net connectivity is concerned. People are now having internet connections at home, so definitely, there will be lots and lots for advertisers to explore for advertising on Facebook. Table of Contents
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