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ICICI Bank Map based Branch Locator

Being the pioneer in use of technology, ICICI Bank has now added another feather in its cap on the technical front. IT now offers locating bank branch using a map – which is really really helpful. The address is http://locator.mapmyindia.com/icici/ (Opens in a new window).

Traditionally, the banks in India have branch address only. It becomes really difficult for anyone to understand the address listed on the website, which may read as House No 143/AB/123, XY Road, ABC City. Now XY Road may be 10 Kms long, and have 1000’s of buildings. So finding House no. 143/AB/123 on XY Road may be really troublesome, especially in the traffic congested metro cities in India, that too if you are driving in a four wheeler. Maps come to your help.

ICICI bank has tied up with www.mapmyindia.com, a mapping website of India, to locate its branches on the map.

For e.g. A search for a branch address at K G Marg, New Delhi will show you the following location, where you can zoom in further to get to the exact street and address.

Moreover, you have the choice of finding branches in a particular area within a limted radius, like 5 Kms.

ICICI Bank is alleged to come heavy on the charges it takes from its customers, but it keeps up being a front runner in technology. To me, it seems that the working principle of the bank is “Do it Yourself for free”. The more you are familiar with using internet and technology, the less charge you’ll have to pay. The more you get into the branch based paper-work, the more they will extract from you!

What more can be expected?
Right now, only branches can be located on the map. I’m sure very soon, you will see ATM’s locator as well.
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Neil said...(on 20 February 2008 at 00:11 )  

useful info indeed..

Wish you all happy and fruitful trading and investing activities with safety! = = = Post a Comment

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