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Reliance Power Bonus Shares: Price Calculations for 5:3 issue

After explaining the mathematics of Bonus issue of Reliance Power shares in my article Truth of Reliance Power issuing Bonus Shares, here are the final and exact numbers and calculations as Anil Ambani has finally declared the exact figures about the Bonus Issue of Reliance Power.
Each Non-Promoter (including Retail Investors, and QIB investors) will receive 3 shares for every 5 shares they hold. Hence, if any retail investor has 15 shares and he is still holding it, then he will receive 9 additional shares as bonus shares, at no extra cost or free of cost.

So what will be the effective price of the retail investors’ shares?
Retail investors were offered shares at 430. Someone receiving 15 shares would have paid 15*430 = 6450 Rs. in total. Now, he will receive 9 more additional shares as bonus, without any extra cost. Therefore, at the same price of 6450, his share holding will increase to 24 shares. Therefore, his effective price will become 6450/24 = 268.75 Rs. only, for each share. Hence, the investors will benefit because the market price of Reliance Power shares is currently trading above 400 Rs.

What about QIB?
The other investors were allotted the shares of Reliance Power at a Price of Rs. 450. Hence, for 15 shares they paid 450 * 15 = 6750. After Bonus Issue of Reliance Power, the no. of shares will increase to 24. Hence, their effective price will become 281.25 Rs per share. Again beneficial, as the stock price of Reliance Power is around 400 Rs.

All in all, it’s a good move by Reliance Power Promoters. Anil Ambani himself have divested his holdings in Reliance Energy and Reliance Power to absorb the losses. I hope this loss bearing by the promoters will give good strength to the share price and benefit to the shareholders. It should also help in marinating the Reliance brand, as a reliable name in India and the world.

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Another example of Randomness can be observed. The REC or Rural Electrification Corp. IPO was oversubscribed well above its limits.
Hardly 15 days back a well dominated and reliable name of Reliance in the same power sector failed, Emaar MGF and Wockhardt hospitals IPO were cancelled, but an unknown and new company with REC IPO have managed to win the hearts and trust of investors. Keep, watching, things work randomly! Table of Contents
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Anonymous said...(on 24 February 2008 at 19:56 )  

Nice Post Sir,

You cleared a lot of doubts. I was wondering how this price of 269 was reached, your article made it clear.
I hope that stupid invesotrs like me will now awaken to reality and not put the money blindly in the IPOs.

Thank You

Anonymous said...(on 3 March 2008 at 01:36 )  


I have one question. I have bought 100 shares of Reliace Power from the market after IPO. Will I receive the bonus shares for those shares?


Sachin add my ID)

Anonymous said...(on 1 June 2008 at 22:04 )  

Hi sir
i feel that you have not enought share market knowledge ,so i request to you that first you should take depth market knowledger and after it put your articles,
you told that after receiving bonus shares ,the share price will become around 270 and 282 but at that time you forget that share price will not maintain will around 400 , it should down always

the truth is ,after receving bonus shares the Rpower values is around 230 which increase loss again

so pls take analyse aritcle first

Ashok kumar

Wish you all happy and fruitful trading and investing activities with safety! = = = Post a Comment

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