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Should you apply to Wockhardt Hospitals IPO and EMaar MGF IPO?

The current situation of Wockhardt Hospitals can be simply described on 1 word – WORST. First, they reduced the price band of the IPO to Rs 225-260 from Rs 280-310. And now they have increased 2 more day for IPO application and the bidding can be done till 7th February.

Is it a Sabji Market or Vegetable Market, where one can try to sell anything and everything by either lowering down the prices or sitting in the market for more hours? I don’t know.
But definitely people who believe that they can make a quick buck in the IPO market should think once again. What are you parking your money in even for a short period of time?

The current situation of Wockhardt hospitals subscription is as follows:

QIB portion of the issue remains unsubscribed. As per NSE data, as on February 4, qualified institutional buyers (QIB) and non-institutional (NI) investors like HNIs have not subscribed to the offer; the retail portion was subscribed 0.06 times. The grey market premium for the Wockhardt IPO was Rs 9-10.

The situation for Emaar MGF is no good either. It has closed today and here is the information about Emaar MGF subscription:
Emaar MGF has seen its QIB category subscribed 0.38 times, NI 0.001 times and retail about 0.01 times. The grey market premium was Rs 40-45 on Tuesday.
Other recent IPOs like Tulsi Extrusions and IRB Infrastructure were fully subscribed on the closing day. Tulsi Extrusions was subscribed a little over two times. But the market is still waiting for the big listing – the Reliance Power IPO, which is scheduled to list on Monday the 11th of February. Analysts say that things may come to normal only after that. All the best to subscribers and applicants. Table of Contents
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