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TCS fires employees citing “Non-performance”

After the TCS salary cut, its time for the employee cut. TCS has fired around 500 software engineers citing reasons of “Poor Performance”. TCS says that this is a regular exercise and last year also there was a similar no. of people asked to “resign” from the job based upon the poor performance.

Recently, TCS created a big uproar by deducting the salary of employees or going for a salary cut, making “TCS salary cut” the hot favourite search term in India on Google. Now, it seems that this news item will make another term “TCS job cut” or “TCS fires employees” another famous term.

As per the news item: (
BANGALORE: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, India's largest software services exporter, said on Tuesday that about 500 of its staff had resigned after their performance was rated poorly.

"Those who cannot meet the performance requirements of our company are asked to look for another job commensurate with their abilities," a spokesman for Mumbai-headquartered Tata Consultancy told Reuters. "This (financial) year so far about 500 people have resigned voluntarily."

This is something that can be real worrisome for the people in the IT sector. TCS is a major player and commands a good enough employee strength. It can be a trend setter in the IT market with activities like this as it has major backing from other businesses. However, other IT companies which solely have IT business may still find it difficult to go for such a extreme decisions.

The company's financial year runs from April to March. "It's not an exceptional thing, it happens every year and it's part of our annual performance exercise. Last year also similar number of people left the company," the spokesman said. Table of Contents
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Anonymous said...(on 5 February 2008 at 00:39 )  

The timing looks odd as the annual performance review excercise hasn't even fully begun!!! I wonder what next?

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