Yahoo Job Cut: fires 45 people in Bangalore, India: Finance Trading Times

Yahoo Job Cut: fires 45 people in Bangalore, India

Yahoo has joined the list of companies in firing employees in India.

Initiated by TCS which fired 500, followed by IBM which fired 700, now Yahoo has shown the door to 4 of it’s employees citing the same old reasoning - Poor Performance, a reason that cannot be quantified.

Sources say that another 100 job cuts may be in the pipeline. God knows where the IT industry in India is heading.

Here is the news items from Rediff (
Yahoo! India, it is learnt, has shown the door to 45 full-time employees across all levels.
Though a spokesperson of Yahoo! India refused to comment on the development, highly-placed sources within the company claimed that it was a routine "trimming process" and more "poor performers" would be sacked.
"Not only are contract employees being sent back, even full-time employees are being asked to quit. Wherever the company is seeing surplus headcount, it is being reorganised. Eventually, more than 100 employees may be asked to quit but performers will be retained," the sources added.
A few days ago, Microsoft made a bid for Yahoo!, and the sacking has shocked many employees in the Bangalore office. "This move has taken us by surprise. In fact, recruitment has been very slow ever since Microsoft made the bid," a senior employee said.

Set up in 2000, Yahoo! India, a subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc, provides internet services, technological tools, and marketing solutions for business both in India and abroad.
Apart from taking care of the Yahoo! India portal, the company operates an R&D centre in Bangalore. It employs close to 1,000 people in the India operations. Table of Contents
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Raghavendra said...(on 14 February 2008 at 03:31 )  

let's wait n see how far our IT industry go. Lots of dependency on US clients makes this types of issues popup.

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