Gold Investments? Gold price rising again: Consider Gold ETF: Finance Trading Times

Gold Investments? Gold price rising again: Consider Gold ETF

Nothing comes for free in this world. Just after Fed declared a 75 basis points rate cut, the worries for higher inflation were automatically in.
Bernanke also included a formal warning about inflation and the effect is seen immediately.

After waiting for 3 days, the Gold prices have jumped for the first time in last 3 days. Even the other precious metal – silver – went upwards.

As per the commodity analysts, the Gold prices will continue to rise further. Oil prices are already on the high and a weak dollar, which forces gold prices upwards. In the recent development where Fed has gone for rate cut as many as 6 times, the gold is expected to continue its bull run.

People with limited savings may not be able to purchase the gold for investments, hence they are advised to opt for Gold ETF’s or Gold Exchange traded funds.
Gold for immediate delivery, which had dropped 2 percent yesterday, rose as much as 0.6 percent to $988.55 an ounce, which is 4.3 percent below the all-time high $1,032.70 set March 17. It traded at $987.66 at 10:55 a.m. in Tokyo. Silver for immediate delivery gained 0.3 percent to $19.78 an ounce. Table of Contents
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Raghavendra said...(on 26 March 2008 at 05:40 )  


Will you please explain on what basis Gold prices vary. Is this depend on $ value?

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