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Red Chillies Entertainment IPO

The King Khan led Red Chillies Entertainment is all set to make a mark in the stock markets of India through a proposed IPO.
It seems that Shahrukh Khan is all up to collect money through IPO from the Indian people, the ones who have made him to No. 1 in the media industry.

After making millions from films & advertisements, he has also made an entry into the cricket business by purchasing the Calcutta Knight Riders team for IPL. And now, he is headed towards the stock markets for collecting more and more money under the name of Red Chillies Entertainment IPO.

Already, the stock market is flooded with entertainment and media stocks – Balaji Telefilms, Zee Entertainment, Mukta Arts, UTV, etc. and now king khan making an entry into this sector will make it more interesting. As per the analysts forecast, despite the high volatility and uncertain returns of the stock markets, the entertainment and media sector is expected to give positive returns. Seems like King Khan is expecting to capitalize on this opportunity through his Red Chillies Entertainment IPO.

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The brand name of Khan rules India. Just 2 movies, ChakDe and OSO, last year made him amass more than 100 Crore Rs. No wonder if the IPO of Red Chilli Entertainment will make him another richest of the rich Indians in the Worlds top rich lists.
He has plans to setup a gigantic studio and also to start a animation unit under the name Red Chillies Entertainment.

If rumors are to be believed, then as per the news, Shahrukh is already in talks with several bankers. While ICICI bank has already given him a lot of assurance for his Red Chillies Entertainment IPO

No date has been finanlized about when this Red Chillies Entertainment IPO will be brought to the market or listed and what will be the price band of the Red Chillies Entertainment IPO offering. Let’s wait and watch to see how things proceed with the Red Chillies Entertainment IPO. Table of Contents
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neelima said...(on 2 July 2008 at 10:27 )  

Shah rukh khan WILL rule the IPO TOO
no matter what i'll go for it and invest. coz i am sure n believe RedChillies will only Grow - up up n up
three cheers ! hip hip hurray !
hip hip hurray ! hip hip hurray !

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