Google Lay-off: DoubleClick Layoff, DoubleClick Employees fired: Finance Trading Times

Google Lay-off: DoubleClick Layoff, DoubleClick Employees fired

Are all Mergers and Acquisitions good? Are all great inventive companies do the right things?
Look at the following news items about lay-offs and you will have to think twice about the answers.

As per the latest news, Google yesterday declared that it will lay off around 25% or 300 staff employees which originally belonged to DoubleClick. DoubleClick was the online advertising company which Google acquired in March for more than 3 billion dollars. Employees belonging to all segments of DoubleClick are expected to be affected by the Google lay-off or DoubleClick layoff decision made by the new master company, Google.

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More bad news/rumors are that apart from DoubleClick, Google may also make make additional job cuts.

Interestingly, DoubleClick has its own search engine marketing and Google is planning to SELL that DoubleClick search engine marketing business!. I am wondering who is going to buy it from Google!

No specific reasons have been given by Google about why these employees are being fired. After purchasing the online ad firm, Google launched a review of how DoubleClick employees could be integrated into the Mountain View, Calif company. "As with many mergers, this review has resulted in a reduction in headcount at the acquired company," Google said in a statement.

I can only sympathies with the employees of DoubleClick which is now having a new master called Google! Table of Contents
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