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Reliance Jobs: Reliance HR Services to offer 5 lakh Jobs

Many of us may not know, but Reliance has come up with a dedicated company for Human Resource Services.
The name of the company is Reliance HR Services (RHRS), a human resources company recently formed by the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG). The idea of Anil Ambani is to tap on the human potential of this country and employ them in their respective fields of work, where their skills match those of the job requirements. (And in the process, make million for the company).

As per the initial plans, the company is expected to recruit around half a million people for the ADAG group in the next four years.

The individuals recruited by the Reliance Human Resource Services will be assigned to various ADAG group companies. These recruits will be assigned to projects and tasks within Reliance Communications, Reliance Webstores, Reliance Capital, Reliance Consumer Finance, Reliance Money, Reliance Life Insurance and Reliance Energy.

As per the news, majority (almost 90 %) of the associates will be in sales or sales related support roles, while the remaining 10% will be on the back-end and customer service functions. No wonder, why there is such a heavy recruitment. Mobile, Insurance, Money, Finance, etc. are the recent businesses where Reliance ADAG sees numerous profitable opportunities and everything needs sales representatives.

Where does RHRS stand right now? Well, there are around 20,000 associates already hired by Reliance Human Resource Services company and they are already working for several for the ADAG group companies. (And I was wondering how come my site on Investments and Trading is showing up “Jobs at Reliance” advertisement on articles related to Reliance :- )

And the buck is not going to stop there. Apart from hiring internally for group companies, RHRS has also formulated a plan for the next few years to become a global HR outsourcing and consultancy organization, providing so called end-to-end HR solutions and services (outsourced to Reliance RHRS).

"We can offer HR outsourcing services to companies that operate in sectors such as retail, IT BPO, among others," Reliance Official said. RHRS also plans to offer consultancy services, including compensation surveys and feedback reports.

To recruit a sizeable number of people, RHRS is planning a series of job fairs in the country. Guwahati has been selected as a pilot location. The company will recruit freshers, who will be paid Rs 7,000 to Rs 12,000 a month, depending on the cost of living of the city.

Don’t be surprised if after few months of all this Human Resource business, Anil Ambani comes out with an IPO of Reliance Human Resource Services Company! Investors already lost the shirt in the Reliance Power issue listing are eagerly waiting for the Reliance Power Bonus issue whose allotment date for Bonus issue is expectedly coming close. May be its time that Reliance ADAG may have discovered that running a zero watt Power company and listing it on the markets may not prove to be fruitful, so let’s try some other areas – this time, its human capital.

Though I usually do not give any predictions, but to me it seems that the investors may see the IPO of Reliance Human Resource Services Company very soon. Keep watching!
And yes, if you are interested in a job at Reliance and can find some ad links on this page, do feel free to apply! ;- ) Just kidding! Table of Contents
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Anonymous said...(on 10 April 2008 at 03:22 )  

Mast article likha hai :)
Hope the The Ambanis wake up to the reality that investors will no longer take their IPOs in an upward direction always!

Even though I am not interested in Jobs at Relaince, I dont mind hitting an ad! :))

Keep writing!

Anonymous said...(on 4 July 2008 at 15:18 )  
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Anonymous said...(on 15 September 2008 at 09:47 )  
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Wish you all happy and fruitful trading and investing activities with safety! = = = Post a Comment

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