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Earning money from Blogging

Can you make money from blogging?
How much can someone earn from blogging?

Now, there are individuals like Amit Agarwal and others like those running sites problogger.net, who are making a hell lot of money each month just by publishing something or the other article everyday. After more than 6 years of IT career, Amit Agarwal left his software job in IT city of India and now settled in his hometown in UP – All that he is doing is blogging and making more than 5 digit dollar income each month from blogging. If you take the minimum 5 digit figure, it is 10,000 dollar. Using a forex rate of 40 Rs. per dollar, it translates to 4 lakh Rs. per month or 48 lakhs per annum – that’s the minimum!

He has relocated to his hometown, so no tension of EMI repayments and buying another flat or renting out. Excellent Move I would say.

The million dollar question is - Can you do it?

Let’s not forget that Amit started blogging much ahead of time, when most of the individuals were still unaware about blogging. He has been blogging for a long time now, more than 4-5 years! Today, he has more than 45,000 blogposts and more than 23000 readers have subscribed to his blog.

Compare it to my case. I started blogging in May 2007 – just for fun. No motivation for earning money by blogging! However, the blogging fever caught me big time and I started publishing stuff regularly. I added some advertisements from Google Adsense, went into customizing the templates and blogger formats using my limited programming knowledge and today, I may be publishing on an average 3 articles per day. So effectively, almost a year now.

How about my earnings from blogging? I usually make only 1-3 dollars a day. That translates to 30 to 90 dollars a month or 1200 to 3600 Rs. per month – and remember the amount varies a lot. To reach a stage where I can take a decision whether I should wholly depend upon blogging for earning my living is a tough and impossible call for me, atleast as of now. Staying in a costly metro city either in India or abroad, can only mean that my earnings from blogging are sufficient only to the extent of buying a cappuccino from Starbucks in US/UK, or a Frappe from CafĂ© coffee day in India.

So point number 1: It’s not easy to make money from blogging. The market is efficient – hundreds of market players (bloggers) are already in there.

In the next article, let me talk about what is good and bad in my blog about making money! Table of Contents
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Anonymous said...(on 23 December 2008 at 09:11 )  

It looks you are determined to make money comparable to any full earning job.

You blog have reduced to a Layoff report board, probably layoff may be the top search word these days on google ha! ha!!

Wish you all happy and fruitful trading and investing activities with safety! = = = Post a Comment

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