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New World Resources IPO Review (Czech Republic)

The energy demand is rising day by day and world resources for energy are depleting. Oil is touching record highs every day. So it’s time now to look for alternate sources of energy.
Coal forms a major portion of energy supply after oil. To capitalize upon the demand and supply gap, the European company in the Czech republic is coming out with its planned IPO or Initial Public Offering.

What is the price band of New World Resources IPO?
The New World Resources IPO is priced at £10.75 to £13.25 a share

How much capital will be raised by New World Resources IPO ?
The New World Resources IPO expects to raise around 1.1 billion pounds from the IPO

Where will the New World Resources IPO proceeds be used?
The IPO proceeds or capital raised from New World Resources IPO will be used to fund business expansion in Czech Republic and Poland.

When will the New World Resources IPO shares be listed?
The New World Resources IPO shares will be listed in early May in London.

How many shares will be offered in the New World Resources IPO?
Around 83 million shares or around 31.5 percent of total shares will be offered through the IPO. This will take the market cap of the New World Resources to around £2.8bn to £3.5bn

What are the business valuations and financial results of New World Resources?
As per the news from The Telegraph, the company said profits last year jumped 94pc to €196m (£157m), on revenues 10pc higher at €1.37bn.
The group wants to use around €200m from the IPO for two mining projects in Poland, as well as existing sites in the Czech Republic. The Polish government this week unveiled a four-year privatisation plan for the mining industry.
Demand is rising for hard coal, which can be used in power generation and the manufacture of iron and steel, mainly due to Asian requirements.

This will be the biggest ever IPO in the Czech Republic markets.
But as per the latest news, there are some changes to the New World Resources IPO. Please see the latest changes here.
Let’s see how this IPO performs once it is open for subscription in the market. Experts say one should definitely apply for this IPO as the energy needs are tremendous and demand supply gap is widening. Table of Contents
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