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Mexican Stock Exchange IPO

Another company is expected to hit the stock markets through the IPO route. The Mexican Stock Exchange IPO or initial public offering is expected to come to the markets this summer.
Mexican Stock Exchange IPO

In which markets will Mexican Stock Exchange IPO list its shares?
As per the news, the stocks are to be listed in its home market of Mexico as well as in the USA.

What is the size of the Mexican Stock Exchange IPO?
The Mexican Stock Exchange IPO is expected to raise money in the range of 4.6 billion Mexican Peso or around 445 million USD.

How many shares will be sold through the Mexican Stock Exchange IPO
A total of 121 millions shares of the Mexican Stock Exchange will be sold through the IPO in the Mexican capital markets. Another 158 million shares will be sold in the US markets.

What is the price range of shares of Mexican Stock Exchange IPO?
The Mexican Stock Exchange IPO shares are priced in the price band 14 pesos ($1.35) to 19 pesos.

When will the Mexican Stock Exchange IPO shares be listed on the exchanges?
The exchange foresees pricing to occur on June 12, with trading to begin in the following session.

What are the financial holdings and news about Mexican Stock Exchange IPO?
Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, or BMV, is the organization which is managing the Mexican Stock Exchange. BMV, whose shareholders approved plans for an IPO in March, runs the country's sole stock market and operates a derivatives exchange.
The Mexican unit of Spanish firm Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria UBS, , ) will act as lead managers.
BMV's IPO would add to the number of Latin American exchanges that have gone public recently.

What are the business valuations and financial standings of the Mexican Stock Exchange IPO?
Bovespa Holding SA, operator the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, and Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros, a commodities and futures exchange, each launched IPOs last year. Shares of Bolsa de Valores de Colombia began trading in June 2007.

Stock exchanges offer one of the safest investments as their business in only in transaction processing. Mexican Stock Exchange is the sole exchange in the country and it is expected to give good returns in the long run. Table of Contents
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