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Alok Industries Retail H&A IPO: Alok Retail Home & Apparel IPO

The famous textile company, Alok Industries is already listed on the Indian stock exchanges. Now it is planning to come out with another IPO for listing its Retail Business shares on the Indian stock exchanges.
Alok Retail Home & Apparel IPO
What is the expected size of the Alok Industries H&A Retail IPO?
The Alok H&A Retail IPO or initial public offering is expected to raise around 500 to 600 Crore Rupees through its IPO.

What are the valuations of Alok Industries Retail H&A IPO
Alok Industries itself is valued at Rs 2,160-crore for its textile business.
Alok group entered the $15-billion organised retail sector in the country in 2006, operates 23 retail stores called ‘H&A’, short for Home & Apparel, in Mumbai, Bangalore, Vapi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Silvassa and others.
The plan is to setup another 100 new stores which will require an investment of Rs 40 lakh per store. So the total investment marked is Rs 40 crore.

Where will Alok Retail H&A IPO get this money from?
The expansion would be funded through a mix of internal accruals and debt. By 2010-11, the company hopes to take the number of stores to 400. The retail business presently contributes 1% to the company’s turnover.
In April, Alok’s board had approved the spin-off of the H&A business into a separate subsidiary called Alok Homes & Apparels.

Is it wise to come out with an IPO for retail sector?
There is a cut throat competition in the retail sector with big players already fighting for a slice of cake. The retail division of Alok H&A, however, is not doing too well. An H&A store in Pune shut down recently and a few in Mumbai too may shut shop soon, as per the news and analysis.

What are the opening dates and listing dates of Alok Industries Retail H&A IPO?
No information is available at present about the listing date.
There is no data available about the price range or number of shares to be offered for sale. Table of Contents
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