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Avon Weighing System IPO

A new IPO is set to enter the Indian Capital Markets. The IPO or initial Public offering belongs to Avon Weighing Systems Limited.
Avon Weighing System IPO
What is the size of Avon Weighing System IPO?
The Avon Weighing System IPO expects to raise around 1.37 Crore Rs. from the primary market through its IPO.

Where will the shares of Avon Weighing System IPO be listed?
The shares of Avon Weighing System IPO will be listed on the BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE or National Stock Exchange of India.

What are the opening dates of Avon Weighing System IPO?
The Avon Weighing System IPO will remain open for subscription from 9th June 2008 to 12th June 2008.

What is the business of Avon Weighing System?
Avon Weighing System is an authorized dealer of M/s. A&D Company Ltd., Japan, TANITA Corporation, Japan, Excell Precision Co. Ltd., Taiwan and Ningbo Benui Electric Co. Ltd., China.
A&D is World’s one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic Weighing Balances, Load Cells, and Weighing & Batching Indicators with a wide range of products from High Precision Electronic Weighing Balances up to Weighbridges. They also have New Advanced Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer (SV-10 / SV-100). Other popular products like Tablet Calculation Systems – Fully Automatic Auto Feeder with SQC software.
TANITA Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of Mechanical / Digital Bathroom Scales, Body Fat Monitoring Scales, Baby Weighing Scales, Professional Fitness Products, Body Composition Analyzers and Mini/Karat Scales.
Excell Precision Co. Ltd. is scale & weighing machine equipment manufacturers, based in Taiwan, China & Europe. Suppliers of industrial electronic weighing, indicators, weight meters, counting scales, crane scales, balances, load cells, retail price computing equipment, batching, process control, platform, high precision, waterproof, wash down, printing, portion, weighbridge & truck scales.
Ningbo Benui Electric Co. Ltd. is a resultant company who has regulated his resources. Now, Company has two subsidiary company: BenZen and BenSen.Head office researches and produces high precision load cells and selfcontrol system , two subsidiary company produce appurtenances for head office.

We Avon Weighing Systems Ltd. manufactures high resolutions platform scales, ultra low profile platform scales, weighbridges and auto-vibrator feeder system with SQC.

What are the business valuations, future prospects and outlook for Avon Weighing System IPO?
The company proposes to part finance its Rs 17.30 crore plan through proceeds of the issue. The plan includes setting up a facility for manufacturing of a range of weighing systems, open four showrooms for display and sale of its weighing systems in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, and purchase additional office premises in Mumbai

Any ratings assigned to the Avon Weighing System IPO issue?
Yes. CARE has assigned “IPO Grade 2” to the Issue. The Equity Shares are proposed to be listed on BSE. Keynote Corporate Services Limited is the Lead Manager for the Issue and Datamatics Financial Services Limited is the Registrar to the Issue.
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