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CoalWorks IPO Australia Coal Works Limited IPO

Another IPO in Australian Stock Exchanges. The IPO belongs to CoalWorks Limited, which is primarily in the business of thermal coal deposits. CoalWorks IPO Australia Coal Works Limited IPO
What is the expected size of the CoalWorks IPO?
The CoalWorks IPO is expected to raise around 20 million dollars through its initial public offering. The CoalWorks IPO will also accept oversubscriptions up to a further five million shares.

Where will the CoalWorks IPO shares be listed?
The CoalWorks IPO shares will be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

When will the listing of CoalWorks IPO shares take place?
The CoalWorks IPO share listing will be done sometimes in late June, 2008

What are the business valuations of CoalWorks IPO?
The CoalWorks’s flagship asset is 280 million tonne thermal coal deposit in New South Wales, which is located adjacent to a 1.3 billion tonne coal deposit held by Rio Tinto Ltd.
Thermal coal is used as fuel in power stations.
Coalworks said it plans to refurbish an existing freight line close to its deposit to allow for the coal to be transported to Port Kembla.
What is the price of CoalWorks IPO shares?
The company will sell CoalWorks IPO shares at a price of $1 each.
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Pepe said...(on 16 June 2008 at 08:46 )  

Although coal is a dirty burning fuel and enviromental laws may hurt its price, coal has the advantage that it could also be used to produce a clean fuel named Dimethyl ether (for mor info. check out Emerging Markets demand will also put pressure for price to go high so I think if Coalworks governance efficiently manages the worldwide demand, will be seen good cash flows. I suggest to get a long term position on the shares.

Wish you all happy and fruitful trading and investing activities with safety! = = = Post a Comment

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