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Outback Metals IPO

A new IPO is set to come out in the Australian Stock Markets. The IPO belongs to Tin miner Outback Metals, which is set to come out with the initial public offering in the primary stock markets.
Outback Metals IPO
How many shares will be offered for sale through the Outback Metals IPO?
A total of 30 million new shares will be offered for sale through the Outback Metals IPO.

What is the price of Outback Metals IPO shares?
Each share of Outback Metals IPO will be offered at 20 cents per share.

What is the expected size of the Outback Metals IPO?
The Outback Metals IPO is expected to raise around 6 million dollars. This Outback Metals IPO will take the company’s valuations to 36.6 million dollars.

What are the business valuations and financial results of the Outback Metals Comapny?
Outback Metals holds seven exploration tenements, covering more than 1,600 sq km, and 10 applications for exploration licences over more than 2,000 sq km.
The company also has 40 mining leases and mining claims in areas that have yielded saleable metal in the form of concentrate.
The company's primary target is tin, with secondary targets including gold, uranium and copper.

Where will the capital raised or IPO proceeds be use by the Outback Metals IPO?
The funds raised by Outback Metals IPO will be used to develop a number of projects in the Northern Territory.
Outback Metals plans to reach production status within two years from two advanced projects.
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