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Sinosol IPO Germany

A new IPO is expected shortly in the German Markets. The initial public offer belongs to Chinese-German solar system provider Sinosol.
Sinosol IPO Germany
What is the size of the Sinosol IPO?
Sinosol IPO expects to raise around 79 million Euros or USD 1223 million through its IPO or initial public offering.

What is the price range of shares of Sinosol IPO?
The shares of Sinosol IPO will be offered for sale in the price band of Euro 11 to Euro 15 per share.

How many shares will be sold through the Sinosol IPO?
A total of 5.3 million shares will be sold through the Sinosol IPO, of which 4.1 million derive from a capital increase.

What are the subscription dates for Sinosol IPO?
The Sinosol IPO will remain open for subscription till June 24, 2008. The listing of Sinosol IPO share will be done on June 25.

Where will the IPO proceeds or fund raised be used?
The capital raised from Sinosol IPO will be used to to finance further growth and expansion.
"With the proceeds from the IPO we particularly want to further grow internationally in the area of development, planning and realisation of solar parks and we want to take advantage of today's positive market opportunities," said Sinosol Chief Financial Officer

What are the business valuations and financial results of Sinosol IPO?
Sinosol supplies photovoltaic systems and develops and maintains solar parks.
Sinosol buys solar modules from suppliers in China and assembles them into solar systems, which it then uses to set up solar parks, for example in Spain.
It made pretax earnings of 2.2 million euros in the first half of fiscal year 2007/08 on sales of 35.6 million euros.
European solar companies, supported by government subsidies especially in Germany, enjoyed skyrocketing share prices until early this year but now face subsidy cuts as well as increasing competition from China.
Sinosol's IPO is lead managed by UniCredit
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