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SMA Solar Technology IPO: SMA Solar IPO Germany

A new IPO is set to hit the German Stock markets very soon. The IPO belongs to SMA Solar Technology.
SMA Solar Technology IPO
What is the size of the SMA Solar Technology IPO?
The SMA Solar Technology IPO is expected to raise around 150 million Euros from its initial Public offering. This amount equals around USD 232 million.

How many shares will be sold through the SMA Solar Technology IPO?
A total of 11.5 million shares will be offered for sale through the SMA Solar Technology IPO. This figure includes 4.5 million new stock and an over allotment figure of 1.5 million shares.

What are the opening dates for subscription to SMA Solar Technology IPO?
The SMA Solar Technology IPO will be open on date June 23 and end on the July 3, 2008. The listing will happen on July 4, 2008 at the Frankfurt stock exchange.

What are the financial results and business valuations of SMA Solar Technology?
The Company had revenue of 327.3 million euros in 2007 and a net profit of 36.8 million euros. Based upon the filings, the PE or price to earnings ratio for the SMA Solar Technology IPO is calculated to be around 13 times the earnings of year 2007.

How is the SMA Solar Technology IPO standing with respect to its peers on Frankfurt stock exchange?
The other technology companies, or better to say the technology index is around 40 times the 2007 earnings, as per the news from DZ bank.

What is the business of SMA Solar Technology ?
The SMA Solar Technology company makes inverters that transform solar panel energy into electricity for the power grid.
Deutsche Bank DBKGnb.DE and Citigroup are the joint global coordinators and Commerzbank and LBBW as co-lead managers. Table of Contents
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