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Enervit IPO Italy

A new IPO is set to hit the Italian stock markets. The IPO or initial public offering belongs to Enervit SpA. After the poor performance of Kedrian IPO, investors are having high hopes of good performance from Enervit IPO.
Enervit IPO Italy
What are the plus points of Enervit IPO?
The Enervit IPO from Italy is having advantages of its small size, and pricing to take account of market conditions. Also, the Enervit IPO will focus more on domestic Italian investors, instead of foreign investors – which is said to be the reason for poor performance of Kedrian IPO which failed to get investment from UK based investors.

How many shares of Enervit IPO will be offered for sale?
Around 10.10 to 11.12 percent of the company shares will be offered for sale through the Enervit IPO.

What are the valuations for the Enervit Company following the IPO?
The IPO will value the company somewhere in the range of 28.8 million to 33.6 million Euros.

What are the business valuations and financial results of the Enervit Company, Italy?
Enervit is valued on an enterprise value/EBITDA multiple range of 8.42 to 9.81. This is lower than the industry average of around 11.
In 2007, net profit rose to 1.0 million euros, from 252,000, EBITDA was 3.5 million, against 1.7 million, and sales 36.4 million, from 33.1 million.
In the first quarter, EBIT was 159,000 euros, against loss 176,000, EBITDA 404,000, against 136,000, and sales 8.492 million, from 7.912 million, the company said in a slide presentation.
The first quarter 2007 has been restated and includes provisions for customer debts, slow-moving products and an on-going tax probe, it said.

What are the future prospects of Enervit IPO?
Enervit is active in three areas: foods for sports people, so-called wellness foods for improved health, and diet products.
The company's priorities are to widen its product range, including with an anti-stress product, expand into the German market, and launch an anti-obesity snack bar. Table of Contents
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