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GT Solar IPO

There is a new IPO or initial public offering coming to hit the US stock markets. The IPO or initial public offering belongs to GT Solar International Incorporated.
What is the price range or price band of GT Solar IPO shares?
The GT Solar IPO shares have been priced in the range of $15.5 to $17.5 USD per share.
GT Solar IPO
How many shares will be offered for sale through the GT Solar IPO?
A total of around 30.3 million shares will be offered for sale through the GT Solar IPO.

What is the primary business of GT Solar?
GT Solar Incorporated is recognized world-wide for our manufacturing and integration of turnkey photovoltaic (PV) fabrication lines, PV manufacturing equipment, and as a supplier of reactors for Silicon production.
From Silicon feedstock production equipment to completed solar cell modules, we handle most aspects of manufacturing as a fabrication expert, equipment maker, system integrator, and as a design partner of custom manufactured PV equipment for commercialization.

What are the primary products of GT Solar?
As per their website, here is a list of products which GT Solar has:

Turnkey Fabrication Lines
• WAFFAB™ for multi-crystalline PV wafers.
• CELFAB™ for high efficiency PV solar cells.
• MODFAB™ for PV module manufacturing.

Standard Equipment
• DSS Furnace - the new world standard for multi-crystal growth.
• GT-Atlas Tabber/Stringer - world's leading processor for sheet silicon cells.
• GT-PFX100 - ribbon flux station.
• GT-PVSCAN 8000 - high-speed optical scanning system.
• GT-WEX 1000 - automated silicon etching wet bench.
• GT-CTX - automated cell tester/sorter.
• Polysilicon Reactor - high volume silicon feedstock production reactor
• STC Hydrogenation Unit - conversion of STC to TCS from the polysilicon reactor exhaust

Custom Equipment
• EFG Growth Furnace - Edge-defined film fed growth furnace.
• Dendritic Growth Furnace - High output mono-crystalline ribbon furnace.

Research & Development
• Silicon Test Reactor
• Crystal Growth Modeling

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Who are the lead underwriters of the GT Solar IPO issue?
Credit Suisse and UBS Investment Bank are the lead underwriters for the IPO.
All of the shares in the IPO are being sold by GT Solar Holdings LLC.
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