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A new IPO or initial public offering is coming to the US primary markets. The IPO belongs to Pansoft Company Limited (Nasdaq Symbol: PSOF).
What is the price per share of Pansoft IPO shares?
The Pansoft IPO shares are expected to be priced at $6 per share.

How many shares will be offered for sale through the Pansoft IPO?
A total of 1,200,000 shares will be offered for sale through the Pansoft IPO issue.

What is the market value of the Pansoft IPO?
Going by the number of shares offered for sale and the price per share, the market value of the Pansoft IPO comes to around 7200000 USD.

Which exchange will the Pansoft IPO shares be listed?
The Pansoft IPO shares will be listed on NASDAQ under the symbol PSOF.

What is the business of Pansoft company?
As per Google Finance, Pansoft Company Limited (Pansoft) is a developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and professional services for participants in China’s oil and gas industry. The Company has also developed an ERP software development platform for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs) in China. It offers this software, named PanSchema, through an Internet-based, software-as-a-service model for the Chinese SMEs. The Company operates through its wholly owned subsidiary Pansoft (Jinan) Co., Ltd. (PJCL). Pansoft has developed customized ERP software systems for PetroChina Company Limited and China National Petroleum Corporation, its state-owned parent company (together, PetroChina) and China Petrochemical Corporation/China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation and Sinopec Group, its state-owned parent company (together, Sinopec).

What are the primary products of Pansoft company?
As per their website, the primary products and services include:
• Group Accounting Software - SAP extension (can also be used independently)
• General Reporting System - SAP extension
• Business Intelligence software - Oracle extension
• Heterogeneous Data Exchange Platform Software for SAP, Oracle and other domestic main management software
• Planning and Statistics software - SAP extension
• SAP implementation and ABAP development
• Model Driven Business Component Development Platform – PanSchema
The offering is being made through the underwriters Anderson & Sturdwick. Table of Contents
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