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Gold ETF India: Gold based ETF on NSE

Gold prices have been shooting up the roof and there is a lot of volatility seen in the Gold Prices. Here, in this article, let us discuss about the Gold Exchange Traded Funds. Topics Covered: Introduction to the Gold based ETF, How Gold ETF work, Which GOLD ETF are available in India for investments and trading, How to trade on Gold ETF
Gold ETF
The leading Exchange of India is NSE or National Stock Exchange. There are five different Gold based ETF's available for trading as well as investments on the NSE. Below, we list them one by one:

Benchmark Gold BeES:
This is probably the oldest Gold based ETF available in India for trading and investment. This comes from the Mutual Fund house called "Benchmark Asset Management Company", which is the primary front runner in the Indian Markets for introdcucing the ETF Funds trading in India. The Benchmark Gold BeES ETF has managed to give consistent returns to the investors and matches the returns of all the other Gold based ETFs. ICICIDirect Trading Symbol: GOLDEX

UTI-Gold Exchange Traded Fund:
Launched in 2007, the UTI-Gold ETF is one of the best performers in the Gold based ETF segment. It has the long standing trusted name of UTI Asset Management Company and has been a hot favourite for investors looking for investing in Gold based ETF or Exchange Traded Funds. ICICIDirect Trading Symbol: UTGOLD

It was in June 2007, when Kotak Mutual Fund house decided to launch the Kotak GOLD ETF, and this fund has also lived upto the investors expectations. Kotak does not have many offering in the Mutual Fund segment, but they managed to come out with a distinctive prodcut just at the right time. A good option for investors looking for making investment in Gold through the Gold based ETF. ICICIDirect Trading Symbol: KOTGOL

Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund:
How can Reliance, which is a real big name in India, be left behind? Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund or ETF too have a Gold based ETF and this fund too has managed to live up to the expectations of the investors. The returns are similar to those of the other Gold based ETF available in India. ICICIDirect Trading Symbol: RELGOL

Quantum Gold Fund:
A new fund from the Quantum Fund house called the Quantum Gold Fund. Returns similar to the ones by the other Gold based ETFs. ICICIDirect Trading Symbol: QUGOLD

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So oevrall, the investors looking for investing in Gold that too specifically in Gold based ETF now have a wide variety and choice. The interesting thing is that the returns on all these various Gold based ETF's have been almost similar. The only thing an investor should be careful about is the expense ratio or fund management charges. Though the are ETF, so the only thing an investor needs to pay is the brokerage, but sometimes the ETF may also levy a fund management fee from the investors.
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