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Tamilnadu TN Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike

After the recommendations of the Sixth pay Commission, many state government employees are wondering whether they are eligible to receive any hike in the salary or not and whether their respective state government will be kind enough to implement the similar things for their respective state. Here is the link to Highlights of the Sixth pay Commission Report (Opens in a new Window in PDF)

The Tamil Nadu government Sunday announced huge increases in the salaries of its employees ranging between Rs.1,774 and Rs.7,300 per month.

General Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike & Arrears Calculator

Tamilnadu TN Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike & Arrears Calculator

Salary Calculator for Pension calculations for Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike

How much salary hike will you get? Continue to Tamilnadu TN Sixth Pay Commission Recommendations Pay Hike Details

Various State Employees’ Unions have been demanding the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations ever since the central government approved the new pay scales for its five million employees. Tamilnadu TN Salary Calculators for Sixth Commission Government Salary

Fortunately, for the state of Tamilnadu TN, the government has given its approval to go for with the recommendations of the Sixth pay Commission.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi also announced that the over 220,000 noon meal scheme workers would get a hike in salaries as they are being brought under special time scale of pay. He said the workers would be covered by a special pension scheme. This would be effective from September 15 and would cost the State Government Rs.200 crores.

This was done on Saturday evening. As we had reported earlier, about a pre-election promise by DMK Chief M Karunanidhi, the TN state has agreed on implementing the recommendations of the Sixth pay Commission in Tamilnadu. The biggest benefeciaries are the Higher education teaching staff for whom the pay revision approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) will be implemented. It will all turn out to be a big profitable salry hike for all the state employees

Here are the Key features and latest salary figures of the Tamilnadu TN Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike

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its nice to hear

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L.K. Advani is the only suitable BJP leader as Prime Minister. He will discharge his duties at the interest of the Hindu nation. Not like congress leaders he will not mind his seat.- k. suyambu, M.A.

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