Ford Lay off Job Cut: Ford Fires 792 in USA & 204 in Germany: Finance Trading Times

Ford Lay off Job Cut: Ford Fires 792 in USA & 204 in Germany

There comes another bad news for the employees in the automobile sector. The Automobile giant Ford has decided to go for a layoff. Ford Layoffs or Ford Job Cuts will happen both in Home Country of Germany as well as in USA.
Ford Lay off Job Cut
As per the news, Ford Motor Company's Germany unit reported that curtail some production and lay off 204 part-time workers at its Saarlouis plant in western Germany in light of the current financial turmoil. There are around 6,500 people working at the Saarlouis plant, where Ford produces the Focus, C-Max and Cougar models. No information is available about how much overall production will be cut and how many cars will be produced after the production cut.

There will be no effect on the Cologne plant in the northwest Germany & it will continue production without changes.

And that's not all. The Ford lay offs or Ford Job Cuts are not limited to Germany, but also USA is getting affected. There will be a Ford lay offs or Ford Job Cuts at the Ford Motor Co.'s assembly plant on Chicago's South Side. A total of 792 employees of Ford will be fired, according to a "mass-layoff" filing the auto maker made with Illinois authorities.

Ford announced in early September that it planned to eliminate one of two shifts it operates at the 2,200-worker plant, which is located at 130th Street and Torrence Ave.

At the time, the company said it expected about 600 part-time workers to lose their jobs in connection with the dropped shift, but couldn't be specific about how many additional jobs might be lost.

In a regularly published state report on companies that plan to reduce staffing which came out this week, however, Ford lists a total of 792 jobs that will be cut when the shift ends Nov. 3.
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