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Jet Airways Lay off Job Cut: Jet Airways fires 600 employees

Another bad news for the Aviation sector employees. A few days back it was Kingfisher Airlines which has declared Kingfisher Lay off and now after the news of a possible merger or sharing with Jet Airways, the Jet Airways has decided to go for Jet Aiways lay off or Jet AIrways Job Cut.
Jet Airways Lay off Job Cut
This news about Jet Airways lay off is significant, as it comes within a day after the news of a possible alliance with Kingfisher Airlines.

How Many employees will be fired in Jet Aiways Lay off Job Cut?
As per the news, Jet Airways has decided to lay off 600 of Jet Airways employees.

Which department empoyees will be fired in Jet Aiways Lay off Job Cut?
The Jet Airways would lay off employees from the cabin crew, pilots, ground staff, airport services and management departments. It is reported that these all are relatively new employees as many of them have been in the company for less than six months.

What all are the possible points of joint alliance of Jet Aiways & Kingfisher Airlines?
After the alliance, Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines have decided to code-share on domestic and international flights, undertake joint fuel management and common ground-handling services and cross-sell flights through the global ticketing system.

This is the third time that the airline is cutting its workforce. After acquiring Air Sahara in 2007, the carrier had cut staff by 1,200 and in August 2008 JetLite offered a voluntary separation scheme to over 700 employees.

Kingfisher Airlines and jet Airways have a combined strength of around 19,000 employees with 189 aircraft for 927 domestic and 82 international flights.
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