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Lehman Brothers Bonds Latest News: Effect of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy

As reported in the article, Effect on Lehman Brothers Bonds: Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy, the biggest question that faces the investors of Lehman Brothers is about their Lehman Brothers stocks and Lehman Brothers bond holdings. The Lehman Brothers Stock Price is as available from the various exchanges on which the LEH stock is trading and it went down by more than 95%. The big questions that is haunting the investors is What is the status of Lehman Brothers Bonds, i.e. the Bonds issued by Lehman Brothers.
Lehman Brothers Bonds Bankruptcy
Here are some more interesting but disturbing news about the developments for the Lehman Brothers Bonds:
It was in HongKong, now a part of China, where angry investors of Lehman Brothers Bonds clashed with police outside Bank of China's Hong Kong headquarters Wednesday and demanded the repayment of investments linked to failed US bank Lehman Brothers.

Thousands of investors who have lost their earnings of life due to investments in the Lehman Brother Bonds due to the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy have also stormed other major banks and demanding help from the law keepers to regain their money.

The biggest problem is that it was not the invetors who have directly selected to invest in the Lehman Borthers Bonds, but they had selecteed schemes like mutual funds, investment vehicles and other savings schemes which invested their money in the Lehman Borthers Bonds. The protestors, who complain that the banks which sold them the so-called "mini-bonds" had not fully explained the risks involved, held placards and shouted slogans to demand a full refund of their investments.
Lawmakers, grabbed by protesters as they were on their way to the first session of the new legislature, promised to do all they could to pressure the government to take more aggressive action against the banks.
People from all Walks of Life were complaining how they were "cheated" and "mis-lead" by the so called "investment advisors" and fund managers about how safe their investment is going to be. People are complaining that they had invested their lives earnings and now they are down to zero with their investments.

Political parties said they would meet with some of the banks Wednesday afternoon to discuss plans to resolve the crisis.
The government proposed on Monday that the banks buy back the products at their estimated value from investors, who bought an estimated 12.7 billion dollars (1.63 billion US) of the products.
But the proposal failed to pacify bond holders, who said the market value of the products is now much lower than their purchasing price.
Let's hope that there can be some way to redeem to investors hard earned money, with the help of the government and banks.
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Please be clarified that the "Minibond" issued by Lehman brought by people in Hong Kong was not bond as we commonly know. The "Minibond" is actually derivatives from CDO and CDS. This was what made the claiming process being so difficult.

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