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Sixth Pay Commission: Central Police Forces Against Armed Forces Demands For Lt Col Rank

The circus after the Sixth pay Commission Recommendations and its implementation is not coming to and end, it seems. The Latest News on Sixth Pay Commission is that there are complexions and comparisons between various departments on the government itself, especially the Armed Defence Forces and the Police Force. This may further delay the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations.Wikipedia on Sixth Pay Commission News. Central Police Forces Against Armed Forces Demands Sixth Pay Commission

As per the news reported on Indian Express, the tug-of-war seems to continue between the central police organisations (CPO) have strongly opposed some of the demands being made by the Armed Forces, including a proposal to elevate the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel above that of a commandant in central paramilitary forces (CPMF). All these oppositions refer to the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission report.

It is learnt that the CPO's have submitted an memorandum submitted to the Minister of External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee, who heads the committee to look into the grievances of the Armed Forces on the pay commission recommendations. It has been claimed in the memorandum that the demands & justification of the Armed Forces was entirely unjustified and would result in operational difficulties if accepted.

A delegation comprising officials from BSF, CRPF, ITBP and CISF met Mukherjee on Wednesday and explained why they were opposed to certain proposals, sources said. The delegation told the minister that the Armed Forces were using pressure tactics to get their demands met.

The Armed Forces have openly expressed their dissatisfaction with the pay commission recommendations and one of their demands has been to elevate the rank of a Lt Colonel above that of a commandant in a central police force. Both Lt Colonel and a commandant are placed as the commanding officer of a battalion but during times of joint operations, the Armed Forces commander takes precedence. The Armed Forces have used this to argue that a Lt Colonel should be treated as a higher rank.

We can only expect that these issues should be resolved as soon as possible. Sixth pay Commission Recommendation has brought cheers to millions of employees all over India, but such conflicting issues among the various departments of the government are making it a fruitless effort.
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