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Google Lay off Job Cut: Google may fire contract workers employees

It is reported that Google has decided to go for a Lay Off or Job Cut. Another impact of the financial turmoil which is wrecking havoc for many individuals. Google Lay off Job Cut

It used to be the case that Google is different, but wait, the latest news being reported seem that even the internet giant is not shielded from the market requirements and pressures.
As per the news, Google is on its way to freeze new recruitments and is now silently asking the contract workers to leave - so is it a Google Lay off Job Cut in silent mode?

Though the company officials are claiming that they are still recruiting, but at a slower pace and are now implementing measures to cut expenses, in continuation to the "keep discovering" new things.

How many employees are expected to be affected by the Google Lay off Job Cut?
There are no confimr news about how many people will be given pink slips, but one thing is known that it will be the contract workers who will get affected. There are about 10,000 contract workers in Google.

Though there are varying reports about the total number of employees google has. In one report it is mentioned that Google's total employees are 30,000 strong and not 20,123 employees as filed with the SEC. This is significant, as the higher figure would require the company to report layoffs publicly.

As per the news, The Webguild report claims that "Google hire full-time employees without giving them full-time benefits. The classification enables Google to pay them above minimum wage, provide no health benefits, no insurance coverage, no stock options, and no offer of permanent employment."

What all cost cutting measures will Google take?
In the name of global economic slowdown, there are various cuts to be implemented. One such thing is the discontinuation of Holiday celebration. Then, there were reports that contract workers were not allowed to access the Gym and Cafeteria, making a lot of cost cutting for the company in terms of food and other expenses.

Let's hope that alternative jobs are available to the affected employees of Google Lay off Job Cut.
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