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Sixth Pay Commission: Judges Demand Pay Hike: Chief Justice of India Letter

The latest news on Sixth Pay Commission has now come from the Judicial Depratment of India i.e. from the Judeges of India:

They are known to be the most powerful people in the Republic of India, and now they are demanding for more - More Power, More Status, and above all, More Salary. We are taking about the Judges of India, who are now looking for taking the benefits of the the Sixth Pay Commission Recommendations

The recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission has already created so many controversies which might take a big toll on the government budget. There are already many issued with Defence forces, Armed Forces, Police officers, etc. and now the Judges appear to join the bandwagon. Wikipedia on Sixth Pay Commission NewsSixth Pay Commission: Judges Demand Pay Hike

NDTV claims that it was the first to find out the developments on this issue. It claims that NDTV has learnt that the Chief Justice of India (CJI) has written a four page long letter to the Law Minister asking for a pay hike to keep up with bureaucrats after the Sixth Pay Commission. This development has caused a big flutter in the cabinate.

Then, its isnt only about money - the issue appears to go beyond money, as it is also about status and power.

Where does the Salary or Pay of Chief Justice of India stand currently?
The Chief Justice of India's basic salary is at Rs 33 thousand. This salary is similar to the rank of the Cabinet Secretary and Rs three thousand less than the Governor's pay.

What are the expectations of Chief Justice of India, as per the reports from NDTV?
The Chief Justice wants his salary to be hiked to Rs 1.1 lakh the same as the Governor.

What can happen to the pay or salary of other judges of India courts?
The Chief Justice has requested a pay hike for other judges as well. Rs 1 lakh for Supreme Court colleagues and Rs 90,000 for High Court judges. It is equivalent to the the salary of the Cabinet Secretary- who is considered to be India's top bureaucrat.

Let's see how the Government tackles this issue.
But one thing is for certain - this Sixth pay Commission is going to take a big toll on tax-payers money, as most of the recommendations will be accepted as the elections are coming near.
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Unknown said...(on 1 December 2008 at 10:32 )  

judges must be paid well to make them the best pillar of our democracy and attract the best tallent to give justice to all.

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