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Low cost PV Solar Cells & Solar Panels: High Efficiency of 40%

Till now, there has been one big road block in the path of installing the Photovoltaic Solar Cells for production of electricity - the block was the high cost of electricty production through Photovoltaic cells and the low efficiency of the systems. Typically, the traditional PV Cells have an efficiency level of around 18% only. However, last month, there appears to be a break-through in the process. A system which wsa tested claims to have been generating an efficiency of almost 40%, that's more than double of what the conventional PV cells produce. Low cost PV Solar Cells Panels

A project called FULLSPECTRUM claims to have developed a multi-junction solar cell which can take up more sunlight or solar energy and hence increased efficiency. The reason how this has been made possible is due to the composition of different materials, including gallium, phosphorus, indium and germanium, which are used to make the Solar PV Cells. Though there is high cost of these multi-junction solar cells but that can be easily made up by the high efficiency achieved in the output. Moreover, the cost can be significantly brought down by arranging them in special panels which include lenses that focus a large amount of solar energy onto the cells. These concentrators can reach far above 1000 times the natural solar power flux and have also been the object of the project research.

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So, is it the time to look for some cheaper and more efficient & low cost PV cells or Solar Cells. There have been intensive research going on for reducing the cost of solar PV cells. European countries have been a front runner in this race
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