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United Airlines Layoffs Job Cut: layoff 1200 employees

Airlines appear to be the worst hit sector for in the current financial turmoil. We had reported in October that United Airlines is firing 414 employees and now there is another round of layoffs. Another setback to the employment sector of the USA, the United Airlines has decided to go for a layoffs or job cut. United Airlines Layoffs Job Cut

How many employees will be laid off in United Airlines Layoffs Job Cut
Around 1200 employees will be asked to quit their jobs.

When will the United Airlines Layoffs Job Cuts take place?
The layoffs are expected to start in early next year, meaning that it will be a bad start for the new year for all the affected employees.

What impact will it have on the busines of United Airlines ?
The Airline will be grounding around 100 airplanes , which makes around 20% of its fleet.
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Which department of United Airlines will be affected by the Layoffs Job Cut?
As per the reports, United plans to lay off about 700 mechanics, as of Jan. 11, including about 150 workers at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Most of the jobs to be eliminated were announced earlier this fall but deferred until after the busy holiday travel season, sources said.

Which locations will the United Airlines Layoffs Job Cuts take place?
The carrier plans deep cuts at its hulking San Francisco maintenance base, where about 300 jobs will be eliminated, sources said. United is closing repair stations at LaGuardia Airport in New York, Newark International Airport in New Jersey and Philadelphia International Airport.
United also has issued notices that it plans to furlough as many as 490 customer service representatives and ground workers at three airports, with the largest of these cuts at O'Hare. Last month, United sent letters warning of pending job cuts to 253 full-time and part-time employees at O'Hare, according to the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which represents the workers.

The carrier is also set to lose 387 pilots in January, a source said. That would be the largest monthly exodus of United pilots since the carrier announced in June that it would trim 1,450 pilots.

Let's hope that alternative jobs are available to the affected employees of United Airlines Layoffs Job Cut.
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