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Cessna Layoffs Job Cut: fires 4600 employees

It was in Novemeber when we have reported the layoff news reagrding Cessna Layoffs Job Cuts. Unfortunately, there is a big hike in the no. of layoffs that Cessna is going to do. Jack Pelton has written a letter to Cessna employees informing them of the job cuts. Now company Cessna has deiced to go for a big Cessna Lay off or Job Cut. The economic crisis is hitting all sectors. It is learnt that these layoffs are being done because of the declining sales and to save costs. Cessna Layoffs

How many employees will be fired by Cessna layoffs?
Al together, 4600 employees will be asked to leave their jobs at Cessna. This is an increase of 2000 new layoffs as compared to the earlier announced cuts of 2600.

How many employees does Cessna have?
No information is available about the total no. of employees of Cessna.

Which locations or plants will be affected by the Cessna Layoffs?
The Citation Service Center in Toledo will be closed by Cessna.

How much savings can be made by outsourcing and Cessna Layoffs?
No information is available about that.

When will the Cessna layoffs happen
The layoffs are expected to be done by March 2009. The plant will also be closed by then.

Any compensation or severance package for the affected employees of Cessna?
As per the earlier reports in November, there was a 60 day notice period to be served by the company to the affected employees. No info about what measures is the company taking for this new round of layoffs.

WHat are the primary reasons of Cessna Layoffs
The worsening global economy means that there is a decline in sales and hence that is the reason that company is deciding to go for manufacturing job cuts mainly.

Any other news about Cessna?
As per Kansas, below we present the text of a letter written by Jack Pelton to Cessna Employees.
Fellow Cessnans,

Earlier this month I updated all of you on the state of the business. I wish today I could report good news. Unfortunately, it is not getting better. We all know the global economy is in crisis and the challenges we face are unprecedented in recent memory. Cessna's customers and potential customers continue to feel the impact of declining corporate profits and tight credit markets, and that translates to a weaker market for our products and services.

It's extremely difficult to forecast this year's delivery number because, ultimately, it will depend on how the economy and other factors affect customer orders and cancellations. As a result it will be necessary for us to further reduce our production rates based on our current outlook for a weakening order book. That, unfortunately, means we will also have to further reduce our workforce.

As you are aware, over the last couple of months we announced workforce reductions of just over 2,600. Now, because of the continuing deterioration and reduced production rates, we will need to increase that number by an additional 2,000 affecting all facilities, bringing our total workforce reduction to 4,600.

Also, because of the reduced workload at our Citation Service Center in Toledo, we will close that facility. In most cases, the layoffs and the closure of the Toledo facility will be effective at the end of March. It will also be necessary for us to conduct furloughs beginning in March. That analysis continues and we will communicate details as we finalize that plan.

These numbers are profound, especially when you look beyond the numbers to the Cessna families that are affected. It's extremely painful for all of us to lose so many of our colleagues and friends. Making this decision is difficult for your leadership team and me personally. These actions are necessary to secure our future.

In closing, I want to remind Cessnans impacted by this reduction of the resources available through our Human Resources department. There are a number of contact avenues for you and I urge you to take advantage of them.

This continues to be a trying time for all Cessnans, and the depth of the reduction here is the last thing anyone expected even three months ago. As I said to you earlier this month, this is no fault of dedicated Cessnans. Your ability to focus on your job is going to be severely tested, but critical to the long-term health of our company. But, most importantly, remain respectful of those affected and, as always, treat them with the utmost dignity, in line with the strong Cessna values I know you all live by.

As always, I will continue to keep you updated on the industry and our company.

Jack Pelton
Let's hope that alternative jobs are available to the affected employees of Cessna Layoffs Job Cut.
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