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Cummins Layoffs Job Cut: fires 800 employees, cuts pay

The manufacturing company Cummins of USA has decided to layoff some 800 workers. All the sectors are now melting under the pressures of falling market demand and financial problems. As a measure, they are going for layoffs. The latest one to add to the list is, Cummins, which is a US-based manufacturer of engines for large trucks and power generators and has decided to go for layoffs. Cummins Layoffs

How many employees will be fired in the Cummins layoffs?
There will be around 800 job cuts by the company. So since the start of the 4th quarter, the total no. of layoffs by the company stand at 1400 people, which is like 10% of the employee strength.

Any other measures by Cummins apart from layoffs?
Yes. Cummins said that it will reeze 2009 salaries for employees who are not officers. Also, there will be a 10 % pay cut for 45 of its white collar officers.

When will the Cummins layoffs happen?
The layoffs are scheduled for the year 2009, but no concrete information is available about the exact dates.

Will there be any plants closed by Cummins?
No confirmed news yet.

Which division or segment of employees will be affected by the Cummins layoffs
Cummins has also laid off about 700 manufacturing workers over the past few months. Altogether the company employs about 40,000 people worldwide.

Any other news about Cummins layoffs
The company will offer retirement packages to some employees and lay off additional workers
Let's hope that alternative jobs are available to the affected employees of Cummins Layoffs Job Cut
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