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Dell Layoffs Job Cut Ireland: fires 1900 employees

The tech sector is witnessing the worst of its times. More bad news on the job front as more and more companies are going for layoffs. The latest one to add to the list is the world leader in computer hardware manufacturing, Dell, which has decided to fire some 1900 employees in Ireland alone. Ireland is the hub of computer manufacturing for Dell and serves a lot many prominent European countries Layoof news at such a facility clearly indicates a major economic crisis situation. Dell  Layoffs
How many employees may be fired in the Dell Ireland layoffs?
The estimated no. of layoffs at Dell stands at 1900, meaning 2400 employees will be fired by Dell. It constitutes around 7% of the Dell workforce.

What will happen to the jobs after Dell layoffs?
The jobs are actually being transferred from Ireland to Poland and to some third-party OEM partners, as per the news. Though Ireland facility has been operative since 18 long years for Dell.

When will the Dell layoffs happen?
The Dell layoffs will occur in parts. Some will happen in April 2009 while rest would be completed by January 2010.

What are the reasons for Dell layoffs?
Worsening global financial situation, competition, lack of demand and mounting costs are some of the reasons quoted by the management to justify the layoffs.

How much money can be saved by the company after the Dell layoffs?
It is expected that 3 billion USD wil be saved by Dell.

Any other news about Dell ?
Dell is undergoing a major corporate restructuring around three new customer segments—Enterprise, Public and SMB—and even big guys are not spared. Last month the company said its president of operations, Mike Cannon, will retire as of Jan. 31., and its chief marketing officer, Mark Jarvis, would leave in the first quarter. Let's hope that alternative jobs are available to the affected employees of Dell Layoffs Job Cut
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