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Must have Insurance Policies: 6 Insurances every individual must have

There are hundreds of kinds of insurance in the world. Most of the individuals end up beating their heads pondering about which insurance to take and which one to avoid and at the end of all the head-ache, they take whatever their insurance agents advice them to take. Most of the times, these insurance advised by the agents are those which earn the agents the maximum commissions, and not necessarily those which give the insurance buyer the best and cheap insurance quotes. Below, we have configured a list of insurance policies which each individual should have (as per our experience and analysis). We have attempted to provide some detailed justification about why our proposed insurance is a must have. Anyways, The readers are advised to use their own heads to assess their own situation. Also, insurance rules vary from one country to the other. Please take those factors also into consideration. The recommendations are based upon our own experience, studies and various resources and articles available on internet and print media. Insurance

1. Life insurance:
The no. 1 in our list of recommended insurance is the most obvious one, the Life Insurance. It helps your dependents and family members take the benefit in case of your untimely death. It is a must have for the earning member of the family. Also recommended for both the parents in a single family, if there is clear segregation about the duties.

2. Health insurance:
You work your entire life for a better and comfortable lifestyle. However, one fine day you may end up in a situation where due to your highly stressed life or just by chance of you meeting an accident, you end up in a hospital and see all your hard earned money being taken away by the hospital bills and the doctors. So, health insurance is a must have for all.

3. Home insurance: This may or may not be applicable to all, but you must consider taking a house insurance especially if you are living in an accident prone area - like near sea shore (for tsoomani kind of calcmities), near a volnaco area or riverside which may get flo_d at times. Another thing is that A house is the biggest investment for any common man. Replacing it is not even thinkable, so please consider this seriously.

4. Professional indemnity insurance: It is so very common for companies to file legal lawsuits against individual employees working for them. Even worse, in countries where legal system is helpless, anyone can be put behind bars anytime. It is therefore very important that professionals like doctors to get insured in case of any legal action taken against them by their patients.

5. Disability insurance: This is usually covered as a part of life insurance, so check your policy documents carfully. If your life insurance policy does not cover disability insurance, then better buy it as a top up or as a seperate policy. Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Nobody is immune to accidents. This has further increased the possibilities of you getting disabled. So insure yourself against these unfortunate events. Disability has emerged as a big worry in the present uncertain times.

6. Auto insurance: Another important and must have insurance, probably that's why many countries in the world have made it compulsory for people to have motor insurance, car insurance or auto insurance for every single vehicle. A sure must have insurance.
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