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Future Energy: Future Energy Development: Introduction, Example, Risk, Investments

In this article, we will talk about a common concept called Future Energy - basically describing the developments and alternatives available to the rapidly depleting traditional sources of energy like the fossil fuels. We will cover the topics like What is Future Energy, and Example of Future Energy, What can be the shape of Future Energy, What will drive the Future Energy needs. Future Energy
Though the media, especially the internet, is flooded with numerous examples of Energy Development, nobody is clear on what shape will the energy requirements of future will take and how will we be able to fulfill them. In this article, we list some of these Future Energy developments expected to happen. No, we are not going to list the same old alternative fuels like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass, Nuclear Energy,etc. but we will list some of the technologies which are still in the nascent state and it may take over the traditional methods of Energy Generation.

Fossil Fuels as energy source face the danger of extinction. It is even alleged that USA led the war on middle-east countries to gain access to fossil fuels. Whatever may be the consequences, the fact is the fossil fuels will deplete some day and we will be forced to look at alternate sources of energy.

Use and transformation of CO2 to Fuel using Nanotube technology: Considered to be a breakthrough technology for energy needs, if it materializes. It is an optimistic technology to convert the exiting carbon dioxide which is available in excess in the atmosphere of earth. Not only that, people are getting worried about the extra amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, so if this tech finds its way, then we will have a breakthrough.

Self Heating Eco friendly Houses: Another optimistic venture. This is more of a community inititative for people who believe that they should work in accordance with the nature and built houses which are not only eco friendly, but are also equipped with somethings which allow natural heating and cooling as required.

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Extracting Energy through Solar Roadways: Given the length (and breadth) of the highways across the country (and the world), a considerable amount of area is covered with Highways and roads. We are seeing a lot of interest in research for converting the normal road highways to what is called Solar Highways, which will mean converting the normal roads or highways with a road system having solar cells capability, and if installed on the whole of American inter-state highways, it can power the entire country even with a 10% solar efficiency. It may be costly in the initial stages, but is expected to give great results.

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Hydrogen as a fuel from non-food items: We are aware that when hydrogen is burned, the only emission it makes is water vapor, so a key benefit of hydrogen fuel is that when burned, carbon dioxide (CO2) is NOT produced. Hence, Hydrogen fuels do NOT pollute atmosphere to that extent. At the same time, work is on to see if the Hydrogen as a fuel source can be made available from non-food sources. Keep watching, a lot of innovation is set to happen.
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