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Global Warming forces Italy & Switzerland to change borders: Wake up call?

It's a wake up call - act now or repent later. The global warming is taking a toll. Countries fight with each other for years to grab a piece of land, but when nature or environment is destabilised due to human actions, it forces humans to act suddenly and go on the defensive. The same is happening on the Switzerland and Italian Borders. The two countries are now busy redefining the borders between them. Global Warming

What is the reason for this change?
Italian border was drawn by the Italian monarcy, and it dates back to 1861. So what has happened that now the 150 years old border is the be redesigned? It's the global warming and climate changes that are taking a toll. The borders pass through the glciers which acted as a natural borders for the 2 countries. Now, due to Global warming, the glaciers are melting and hence the landscape is changing at the given location. These changes have become significant in the last 20 years. The worst effects have come in the last 5 years or so.

What will change between Switzerland and Italy?
The borders will be shifted by atleast a 100 meters. Though no action is required on part of Switzerland, but Italy needs to pass a bill to redefine its border with Swiss.
As per Domain-b, Due to climate change, the reference points that used to demarcate the borders changed positions, although in places the conventional border followed water courses, but positions have changed significantly where glaciers have melted.

We had recently reported about the Earth Hour 2009 initiative, which took place on 28th March 2009. Now we have a concrete example of the 2 countries forced to chagne thwir borders. It's time to wake up
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