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Green Energy: Introduction, Trading, Investment, Risk & Example

In this article, we will talk about the concept of Green Energy. Topics covered will include Types of Green Energy, Sectors of Green Energy, Green Energy Companies, Investments in Green Energy and what the various countries across the globe are doing for Green Energy. Green Energy
Let's start with the basics.

What is Green Energy?
Energy itself can never be considered Green. What it refers to is the source of the energy. Hence, when we talk about Green Energy, we mean that the source through which the energy has been produced is NOT harmful to the atmosphere and environment and are non-polluting. This may include sources which do not significantly increase the carbon dioxide (CO2) content in the atmosphere.

What are the varius types of Green Energy?
Green Energy can be of varius type, depending on the source. Geothermal energy, Wind energy, Solar energy, Nuclear Power energy, and Hydroelectric energy are some of the examples of various types of Green energy. Though some people may differ on the inclusion of nuclear energy because it is harmful to individual if it goes uncontrolled. However, when used with the right precaution, Nuclear energy is one of the most environment friendly sources. So it is geenrally considerd as a Green Energy.
Then, taking a step further, some also consider Anaerobic Digestion & Incineration Of Waste also as a form of Green Energy.

Where is Green Energy used?
As like any other form of energy, Green energy is also used as a form of electricity, for heating and for cogeneration.

What are the comparison figures for carbon emission for Green Energy as compared to other energy?
Some stats are available on Wikipedia for a comparative analysis. Nuclear Energy produces just 3.3 grams of carbon dioxide per KW-Hr of produced power. Compare that to 400 grams for natural gas and 700 grams for coal.

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Which countries are actively using Green Energy?
Green Energy is being used across the globe. Considering Nuclear Energy to be a part of Green Energy, France leads the world in that as 75% of the electricty it uses comes from Nuclear Energy. Then US and UK are also using Green Energy significantly.

How can one buy or trade Green Energy?
Green Energy can be traded or bought through the Green Energy Providers. These are the utility organizations which have electricity retailing arrangements and make energy trading possible
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