Solar Energy Storage: in batteries, PV Solar Cells & Solar Panels: Finance Trading Times

Solar Energy Storage: in batteries, PV Solar Cells & Solar Panels

One of the major benefits of Solar Energy is its free availability and high level of abundance. That is what makes it one of the most attractive sources for energy.

What are the benefits of using Solar Energy?
Here are the benefits for using Solar Energy:

1) Solar Energy is free of cost: You dont need to pay a penny for Solar Energy. That's why countries like Spain, US are using it in an efficient manner.

2) Solar Energy is abundant: Despite being freely available, Solar energy is available in abundance and will continue to do so for billions of years. Dont worry, Sun will not die till we die :-)

3) Solar Energy can be Collected and stored: Any energy collecting device like a battery can collect and hold solar energy. That makes it efficient for use of solar energy in multiple forms. Gone are the days when solar power used to be available only till sunset. With Soalr Storage devices, we can now have energy from Solar sources available 24*7. The application is usually integrated into solar photovoltaic system where energy collected and stored almost instantaneously.

Here is a demonstration of the setup that can be used to store solar energy in a battery: (Image Courtesy SunEnrgyFacts)
Solar Energy Storage

In a typical photovoltaic system, sunlight shines upon the photovoltaic modules. Next, solar cells convert light energy into electrical energy producing direct current (DC). This current is stored directly into a battery. Since our home use Alternating Current (AC), an inverter is connected to the battery to convert from DC to AC. With this typical arrangement, solar energy can be effectively used to power our home.

Transformation of Solar Energy:
As per the laws of Energy, any energy form can be easily transformed. Same goes with Solar Energy as well. So what we have here is a system which absorns the solar energy (like a photovoltaic system) and then convert or transform it into a storable form of energy. However, the problem is that photovoltaic cells are not that efficient and the apparatus costs a big sum of money. Although research is going on for improving the efficieny of the cells. Here is an article about Low cost PV Solar Cells & Solar Panels: High Efficiency of 40%

Transmission of Solar Energy
As with any other energy form, the solar energy once stored can be easily transmitted.
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