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Solar Panels Installation Guide: Step-By-Step Guide to Install Solar Panel

In the previous article, Solar Panels Costs & Price, we provided you with the information about the Costs & pricing of the SOlar Panels from various companies and sizes. In this article, we will aim to provide you with the Step by Step Guide to Installing Solar Panels at home. This article will serve you as a checklist for Solar Panel Installation Guide. Solar Panel Installation
We aim to provide this article as a basic checklist for someone who wishes to get into the installation of solar panels at his home or office. Some of the common brands of Solar Panels are Aten Solar, Evergreen, BrightWatts, BP Solar, Kyocera, Sharp and Mitsubishi.

Let's begin with the basic and first steps to Step by step guide for installing solar panels:

· First of all, identify whether it is really feasible and practical to install solar panels at your desired location. If you happen to live in a ice covered region which does not get sunlight for 10 months in a year, then there is no point in going for solar panel installation. So, start by conducting an energy audit to identify what amount of electricity can be generated at your location.

· If your energy audit report shows that it is feasible and practicle to go for solar panel, then identify the space at your location where you can install solar panels. This can be a space on your roof top, in your courtyard, the frontlawn or even at the window panes. After identifying the possbile locations, measure all of the area and categorize it as per the availability of the solar energy. See next step for more details.

· This is crucial step. You must identify which area is getting the solar energy throughout the year and daytime and which area is getting limited solar heat and energy. To quote an example, if you have a flat rooftop, you are sure to get soalr energy all throughout the day and the year (except for some rainy/winter days). Hence, they form the maximum energy absorbing areas. Other category will be the one which may not get full soalr energy. Say your courtyard is receiving solar energy only for a 5 hours a day because in the morning, it is in shade due to a nearby building. Then comes the vertical window panes, which may have a completely different reception time and area. So ensure that you capture all the information correctly, and write it down in a tabular format, to ascertain which areas will be most profitable and efficient for installing solar panels.

· The next step would be to identify the size and areas for the purchase of solar panels. We have covered the Prices of different size solar panels in this article, for an indicative purpose.

· After deciding the sizes are areas of the solar panels, identify the rigth mounts for your solar panels. This will depend largely on the location and the orientation (horizontal/ vertical/ slanting) of the soalr panel installation.

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· For installation on the roof, you may need to use a stud finder to find your rafters. These rafters are required for providing support to the solar panels post installation.

· Identify & Mark the exact places of installation - be accurate in sizes.

· Use lag bolts to secure the mounts after you have drilled them.

· You may have to use the rails to set up the solar panels. They will be setup along the rails.

· Use a conduit to connect the converter in your home to these solar panels that are installed. Ensure that the conduit is suitably secured and won’t get shattered if there’s bad weather
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