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Gas Electricity: How to Generate Electricity from Gas

In this article, we will discuss Gas Electricity and some of the common techniques and technologies used for Generating Electricty from Gas. Gas Electricity
Let's begin with the basics: What is Gas Electricity or Gas based Electricity?

Electricity or Electric energy is a form of energy. Generally, electric energy is obtained from other forms of energy.
Gas Electricity is a term used to describe the form of electricity which uses Gas as a source of transforming energy to Electric energy. In short, if Gas is used to generate electricty, then it is called Gas Electricity.

How is Gas Electricity produced?
There are many techniques and technologies available to produce electricity from Gas. Some of them are practically viable, while some are not viable as of now, but discussions and research are still going on for them. Below we present the various methods for generating Gas Electricity or generating electricity from gas.

Steam Based Generation of Gas Electricity:
This is one of the most commonly used methods to produce Gas electricty. Burning of a gas based fossil fuel, say natural gas, helps achieve this. When Natural Gas is burned, it produces steam and other gases from combustion. These combustion gases and steam is used to rotate the turbine blades which in turn generate electricity.

Heat Based Generation of Gas Electricity:
In this, the following method is used: Burning of natural gas in a gas turbine and use of the residual heat to generate additional electricity from steam. These plants are said to give efficiencies of up to 60%.

Gas Electricity Generation from Gas well pressure:
This may not have been implemented till now, but forms a good idea - Is it possible to make electricity from the high pressure available in the Gas Well?
It appears to be a viable option. The reason is that there is huge pressure inside the Gas well - in the range of 100 to 250 bars. This huge pressure, can be used to rotate the blades of a turbine, which can in turn produce gas based electricity. Here is a demo for the way this can be implemented.
Electricity from Gas Well Pressure

Please note that this is just an idea yet to be implemented. May be some day we can see this being practically used
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