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Google Billboards: Marketing Advertising Strategy to take Microsoft competition

So you thought that Google will sit silent and peacefully watch Microsoft and Yahoo join hands and eat away into Google's search share? No. Google is all set to hit back with the latest Google Marketing Strategy or Google Advertising Strategy using the very basic, age old advertising medium - the BillBoards. Google Billboards Marketing Advertising

Google has decided to host dynamic Billboards in 4 major cities Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco of the USA. The interesting thing about these Billboards will be that they will change every weekday, for the next 4 weeks. That means regular (and curious) audience will get to see something new everyday, for 20 times in 4 weeks.
This is not the first time Google has come out with some unique and distinct marketing and advertisement strategy. Remember Google IPO, when they went the un-traditional and unique way for selling and advertising for the Google IPO by the street. Majority of the investment banks (who lost their commission) claimed that this is not the way for an IPO, but Google IPO was a huge success.

Now, similar unique and distinct advertising will be the mode for this next phase of Google Billboards. Already, blogs and websites have written aplenty about Google Billboard Marketing & Advertising Strategy, so the on-lookers will be curious to see what new Google Billboard has to convey everyday.

What is the aim of Google Billboard Marketing Strategy?
Google is attempting to hit back on Microsoft core business. To understand that, the main difference between Google and Microsoft is that Google focuses more on online content (putting everything online docs, sheets, etc.), while Microsoft focuses more on licensed content based on PC based Installations. So for a Google user, things are free online, while Google derives its profits and revenues from online ads. For a Microsoft user, he has to buy a license (say MS office) and install it on desktop, free from all ads and no need for internet connection.
Google claims that they are having cost efficient applications called Google Apps, which can be purchased by the enterprises and corporates for a small fee and will help them improve the corporate efficieny and output.
Now that Microsoft has partnered with Yahoo for improving online advertising and search business with its newly introduced Bing search engine, this move by Google to get into attracting Corporates is seen as a response to MS+Yahoo move, as claimed by many experts.
Google claims that its free online versions are good, but there are hundreds of other features and enhancements which are still unexplored by the users and this Billboard campaign will highlight those features and attempt to get the market share in these segments. In a nutshell, its a threat to the Microsoft licence based business model. Google claims that Over 1.75 million businesses, schools and organizations have "Gone Google" i.e. started using the feature rich paid versions of Google Apps. Let's see how the drama unfolds in the next 4 weeks and what imapct does it have on Microsoft core business
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