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Sixth Pay Commission Pension & Salary Hike

With the recent news coming out about the One Rank One Pension for the retired members, here is something more.
The latest news on Sixth Pay Commission is for the Retired Pensioners, who are going to benefit from the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission. These Pensioners will be getting the benefits of the Sixth pay Commission Panel Recommendations from 1st January 2006. Sixth Pay Commission Pension

What is most interesting and beneficial to the retired employees is that in some cases, the pension drawn by these retired employees is much higher than their last drawn salary. Not only that, the amount of pension they are going to get will continue to rise till they become 80 years or more. i.e., there will be a pension rise every five years for the pensioners, as long as he/she survives or reaches the age of 80.

All thanks to the Sixth Pay commission recommendations and their implementations.
Not only that, the New Pension money is effective from 1 January 2006. That means a lot of retired employees will get the major amount as a form of arrears.

General Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike & Arrears Calculator

Salary Calculator for Pension calculations for Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike

Ravindra Dholakia, member, Sixth Central Pay Commission, explains why. "With increasing age, you need someone to take care of you. You need more money for medicines, check-ups, surgeries. We kept this in mind when making the recommendations," he says.
What this means is that the retired pensioners will no longer have to think twice before buying anything- whether the basic necessities of food, or anything lavish like a holiday or a vehicle. They no longer have to remain dependent on their children for their needs. All thanks to Sixth Pay Commission Recommendations. Work Hard, Retire Rich
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