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Solar Panels Energy: Angle of Solar Panel Tilt Correlation with Output

Google did some experiments with Solar Panels and has come out with some significant results for its experiments. Here in this article we summarise the finding s of Solar Panels Installations.
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Now, Google has done some experiments with the Solar Panels installed at various locations of their offices. They experiemented on various parameters like Tilt of Soalr panels, etc. In this article, we will look at the factors whether Tiltting of Solar Panels at a certain angel really affects the output or not. In a nutshell, the answer is YES - it does make a lot of difference to the output of the solar panels, if they are tilted at a certain angle. Have a look at the output chart below which was a result of the experiment done by Google with its solar panels.
Solar Panels Tilt Angle
What you see in the red lines in the chart are the outputs of the Solar Panels which were not titled at all - i.e. having a zero degree tilt. The three red graphs are for 3 different locations with zero degree tilt. As clearly visible from the graph, these sero degree titled solar panels produce more or less the same solar energy output.

What stands different in the set of the solar panels is indicated by the green line. This line indicates the solar panel output for the panel which was titled at 15 degrees. As you can see, More energy was produced by the solar panels with a 15° tilt than a 0° tilt during non-summer months.
Hence, the verdict is clear - ensuring that the solar panels are titled at the correct angle will enhance your solar energy outpur considerably. Think about it, analyse your area and the solar energy reception and then decide upon the correct angle of tilt for your solar panels
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