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ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance: Online Renewal: High Cost, Low Value

You all must have seen the recent ad of ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance. This ad has a person mentioning the following: "Raat ke 11 baje the, motor insurance khatam ho raha tha. I got it online at ICICILombard.com". Basically meaning that "It was 11 PM at night, my car insurance coverage was getting over, so I just logged onto ICICILombard.com and got it at an instant.

This ad from ICICI Lombard Insurance, sometimes comes in solo, or clubbed with other ads like that of Travel insurance, etc.

So I thought of giving it a go. Had bought a vehicle last year and the vehicle seller had not offered me any choice of selecting the insurer for my vehicle hence I was forced with this ICICILombard Policy.
Now, it was nearing 1 year, so I decided to renew it online. See what happened.

When I tried to generate a quote for a new insurance (not a renewal) for my vehicle on ICICILombard.com, I was quoted a price of around 930 Rs.

However, when I asked for a quote for renewing my existing policy for the next year, it was higher 1076 Rs. Unfortunately, I generated the new insurance policy quote after I had opted for renewal, so lost 140 Rs. in the process.
ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance
That is the cost of getting everything at the click of the button from your office/home.

What is more interesting is the Insurance Declared Value - there has been a significant reduction in the IDV value of my vehicle (more than 13% reduction), but the premium then charged for the renewal was increased (almost 15% increase - from 930 to 1076 Rs.)

Now I agree that IDV can go lower as time passes by, but why to charge heavily (as high as 15% extra), just because a customer is renewing his insurance.

Is this the way the loyal customers are to be treated???

Then, as another sample check, I tried generating a quote for my vehicle on Bajaj Allianz Insurance Site. For the same vehicle, I got a price quote of the same 930 Rs. from Bajaj Allianz. Had I took my vehicle to a nearby Bajaj Allianz Insurance shop (just 1 Km from my place), I would have saved almost 150 Rs. (that's more almost 15% savings). Even if I had taken my vehicle to ICICI Lombard shop (around 3 Kms), and instead of renewing my exisitng policy, had I opted for a new one, I would have again saved the same amount of money from the same insurer.

What I cannot understand is why this kind of malpractices exists. I agree that a company needs to invest in infrastructure and operational costs for IT services, but is it justified to charge extra from a customer who is renewing the same policy, that to to the tune of 15% high premium??

I managed to identify this after paying the price. Do ICICILombard expects a customer to remain loyal to them with such practices??

Next time, I would better take my vehicle to a government insurance company office and get it insured. If I may not like to go for government insurance companies, then I will take it to the same ICICILombard counter, and instead of renewing the policy, I will buy a fresh one.
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