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Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO: Review Analysis & Details

Till yesterday, there was news about the Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO. Today, another company has come out with the news of IPO. It is the Gujarat Pipavav Port which is planning to come out with its Initial Public Offering or IPO.
In this article, we will look at the Review, Analysis and Details of the Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO and try to do the Review and analysis of Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO. Gujarat Pipavav Port
Some basic details first about the Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO, which are available as of now:

- The size of Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO is expected to be around 500 Crore Rs.

- The purpose of the IPO is to raise funds and expand the business

- Port Pipavav is a PPP i.e. a public ? private partnership enterprise

What is the issue size of the Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO?
Around 500 Crore Rs. is the size of the IPO.

What is the current shareholding pattern of Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO?
Port Pipavav is operated by APM Terminals, part of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group one of the largest container terminal operators in the world. APM Terminals has operations spread over more than 50 terminals in 31 countries, on five continents. With a 54% stake, APM Terminals is the largest shareholder in Port Pipavav. The other shareholders of the company include New York Life International India Fund (Mauritius) LLC, IDFC Infrastructure Fund, The Infrastructure Fund of India, IL&FS Trust Company Ltd., Jacob Ballas Capital India Pvt. Ltd., Unit Trust of India, Industrial Development Bank of India and India Infrastructure Fund.

How will the capital raised by Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO be used?
The company would use the IPO proceeds for early payment of loans and expansion of its business. Out of the proposed 500 Cr. IPO, around 300 Crore Rs. will be going towards early payment of loans. Rest will be used as follows: Rs 88.52 crore for investment in capital expenditure and Rs 31.08 crore towards investment in capital equipment among others.

What is the price band of the Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO
The price band for shares of Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO is not known as of now.

What is the trading symbol & exchange for the Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO
No info is available about the trading symbol.

What are the IPO dates for Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO
The IPO for Gujarat Pipavav Port is going to come sometimes early 2010. The DRHP is filed with SEBI.

Who are the underwriters of the Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO?
No Info.

What are the analysts recommendations for this IPO?
No recommendations from market analysts are available as of now
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