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Tiger Air Singapore IPO: Review Analysis & Details

An airline company based in Singapore is planning its IPO in the local stock Market. It is the Tiger Air or Tiger Airways Company which is planning to come out with its Initial Public Offering or IPO in Singapore.
In this article, we will look at the Review, Analysis and Details of the Tiger Air Singapore IPO and try to do the Review and analysis of Tiger Air Singapore IPO. Tiger Air
Some basic details first about the Tiger Air Singapore IPO, which are available as of now:

- The size of Tiger Air Singapore IPO is expected to be around Singapore Dollar 273 million (195.7 million US Dollars).

- This will be a unique listing - unique in the sense that an asian airline company is going for IPO in 5 years

- Proceeds of IPO will be used for Business Expansion & Infrastructure enhancements

What is the issue size of the Tiger Air Singapore IPO?
Around Singapore Dollar 273 million (195.7 million US Dollars) is the size of the IPO.

How will the capital raised by Tiger Air Singapore IPO be used?
The Proceeds of IPO will be used for multiple purposes: purchasing new aircrafts, repayment of loans or debt as well as setting up a new operating base thereby going for Infrastructure enhancement and operating capacity to be improved.

What is the price band of Tiger Air Singapore IPO?
Around 165 million shares will be sold which will be roughly 30% of the total share capital. The planned IPO size is 273 million S$, so if we go by that calculation, a share of Tiger Airways Singapore IPO may cost around 1.65 S$. However, this is the calculated price, the exact price is not yet confirmed. Its quoted as indicative price of S$1.35 to S$1.65 a share.

How many shares will be sold in the Tiger Air Singapore IPO?
As per the details, around 165 million shares will be sold.

What is the trading symbol & exchange for the Tiger Air Singapore IPO
No info about that

What are the IPO dates for Tiger Air Singapore IPO
The IPO for Tiger Air Singapore will begin sometimes this month i.e. January 2010.

What are the analysts recommendations for this IPO?
It's going to be bet - airline companies across the globe are having a tough time. High fuel costs, high operational cost, reccession and no clear sight of end of recession is preventing any clear recommendations to be given about airline stocks. However, it is seen as a bold move by Tiger Airways to come out with an IPO at such a time since no other asian airline company came out with an IPO in the last 5 years.

What are the business results for Tiger Air Singapore?
The airline suffered a loss of S$50.8 million last year. As for the business, it has 17 Airbus A-320 aircraft in service with orders for another 55 A-320s that will be delivered between now and 2016
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