Fixed Income Securities Market & Credit Risk Valuations: Finance Trading Times

Fixed Income Securities Market & Credit Risk Valuations

In our previous article, we had mentioned about Fixed Income Securities Market: Introduction, Example, Market & Other Factors. In this article, we will discuss about Fixed Income Mathematics, Valuations topics of Bonds or Fixed Income Securities, Calculations for Fixed Income Securities and how the market for Fixed Income Securities works?, but the focus will be more of credit market-related topics. Fixed Income Securities Bond Mathematics
Let's start with the fundamentals:

Issuance Or Origination (Creation) Of Debt Securities Fixed Income Securities: the process of issuance of Fixed Income Securities, underwriters distributors and all the parties involved.

 --Underwriting/Distribution of New Issue

 --Pricing (Setting the Offering Yields) of New Issues

Market Pricing Of Credit The Treasury Yield Curve And Credit Or Sector Spreads Fixed Income Securities:

 --Yield Curves and how they are used to price Fixed Income Securities

 --Yield Curves Theory and usages in Fixed Income Securities

 --The Fed (Federal Reserve System) and Interest Rates and how the risk free rate affects the pricing and trading of Fixed Income Securities

Credit Risk: Measurement, Mitigation And Investment Considerations Fixed Income Securities:

 --Measuring or Quantifying Credit (Default) Risk

 --Use and significance of Credit Ratings

 --How to Mitigate or Minimize the Credit Risk

 --Penny Stocks vis a vis Junk bonds - Features of so called High Yield Securities

Bond Prices And Yields Fixed Income Securities:

 --Bond Quotations and how to read and understand them

 --Bond Prices

Quantifying And Managing Interest Rate (Price) Risk Fixed Income Securities:

 --Yield to Maturity (YTM): Factors Determining Sensitivity of Price to Change in YTM

 --Quantifying Price Sensitivity to Changes In Market Yields

 --Callable Bonds

 --Applications of duration

Debt Retirement Bond Redemptions Fixed Income Securities:

 --Scheduled repayment of principal

 --Early Retirement Of Principal

 --Other Debt Retirement-Related Issues
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