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EIL Engineers India Limited FPO IPO: Analyst Recommendations

As described with detailes in the article EIL Engineers India Limited FPO IPO: Review Analysis & Details, the EIL FPO or Follow-on public offer is now open. However, what a common investor is wondering is whether this IPO or FPO from Engineers India Limited worth a shot or not.
In this article, we will provide the

Analyst Recommendations for EIL Engineers India Limited FPO IPO

Please note that these are consolidted recommendations based upon the various articles available in the print media and internet, and investors are cautioned that they should make thier own choice of investment, based upon their respective risk appetite. Engineers India Limited
Though Day 1 of the EIL Engineers India Limited FPO IPO did not see that enthusiastic response and the subscription for EIL Engineers India Limited FPO IPO was not that great in numbers to be called as "creating a buzz", but overall, the majority of the market analysts and experts are said to be in agreement that the EIL Engineers India Limited FPO IPO is a good option for a 1 to 2 year long horizon and investors can expect a good return.

The basic thought is that the company EIL is in the business of engineering, construction, etc. which are directly linked to the infrastructure sector. And the current government is very keen on the investment in Infrastructure sector. Being a state controlled and state run company, EIL is expected to benefit from these various factors which are said to be favourable to the business.

Analysts are setting various targets for EIL stock price in the short and long terms.
The EIL Engineers India Limited FPO IPO is being offered to Retail investors at 5% discount which is an additional benefit. The price band of 270 to 290 appears to be quiet fairly valued, as per majority of analysts.
The price target which is expected in the short term is around 310-320 and in the mid term it is expected to be in the range of 350 to 380 Rs. per share. Again, these are analysts expectations, investor should exercise caution and their individual needs should be kept in mind as nothing can be said about for sure in the stock markets game
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